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What is coaching?

Coaching is about change and change is about growth. It can be a shift in your everyday habits. It can be optimizing your physiological and mental performance levels. And at its best, it can be changing your life.

Impactful coaching

When successful, coaching creates awareness, new ways of thinking, and systematic approach by presenting questions that you wouldn’t ask from yourself. The purpose of a coach is not to be nice all the time. The purpose of a coach is to be ready to help you uncover your strengths, even if it means challenging you in uncomfortable ways. Ways that other people in your life might not do.

Fundamentally, a coach highlights your strengths and helps you see things differently. Coaching is for motivated individuals who own a mindset for growth. Individuals who want to invest in themselves, enhance their performance and achieve life transforming results.

Coaching offers the opportunity to experience breakthroughs and discover solutions. Coaching is for those who want to work diligently and intelligently as they pursue demanding results in life or in the path of sports. Through curious and honest exploration, we uncover what you truly desire. We identify obstacles, recognize your potential, and above all, work together to achieve your desired outcomes in a sustainable manner.

My story

My name is Jarkko Hyytiä.

The spark to create my own coaching services ignited after over a decade of uninterrupted professional coaching at the pinnacle of Finnish ice hockey. Towards the end, my mind was blocked, energy levels were low, and the passion for my work was fading. A new environment, a few months’ time, and the space to delve into my own thoughts helped me start anew. Now, I know what coaching truly means to me and how I want to approach it.

Adaptability, determination, and honesty towards one’s actions are values that I believe in coaching. These are factors that emerge in the traits of all successful athletes I have had the privilege to coach and support on their individual journeys.

For the majority of my coaching career, I have been responsible for optimizing the physical and mental performance state and well-being of elite ice hockey goaltenders. Through successes and failures, this work has taught me how to work with diverse individuals towards a shared objective in a sustainable manner.

My goal as a coach is to assist ambitious individuals in areas where I have experience, education and success.

Jarkko Hyytiä

Education and experience

  • 13 years as a professional coach
  • Master of Sport Sciences (2012)
  • Coach’s professional qualification (2016)
  • Hintsa certified coach (2022)
  • Sport psychology studies (in-training)

Through a defined objective, an adaptable mindset, and genuine dedication, we create the best opportunities for you to succeed.

Coaching services

Physical performance

  • Move faster?
  • Lift stronger?
  • More durable stamina?
  • Enhance recovery?

Mental performance

  • More consistent performance?
  • Moving obstacles from the path of success?
  • Finding your motivation or meaning?
  • Emotions misleading your performance?

Knowledge and experience as the foundation of my coaching

In my coaching, I combine researched knowledge with my own experiences as a professional coach. The goal is to achieve your optimal physical performance, supported by a stronger mindset. Considering your life situation and guided by your values, we work together towards your goals.

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